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SkinScriptRX Facial Products

A sampling of our Facial services and prices are as follows.

Please call or stop by the salon to speak to our friendly Aestheticians

about the full menu of services available.

Skin Script RX Facials

($60 / 50 Mins) ($30 / 30 Mins)
Our hydrating facial focuses on hydrating your parched skin. This improves the appearance of the skin, giving it a healthy, radiant glow, and balanced complexion.

($60 / 50 Mins) ($30 / 30 Mins)
Exfoliating facials are designed to remove the dead skin cells on the outer layers of the skin and speed cell turnover, restoring a healthy glow, and even skin tone.

Specialty Facials

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

($89 / 50 Mins) ($55 / 30 Mins)

(Recommended Series of 6 for best results)

Recommended for scarring, aging, acne, and hyper pigmentation. This service offers a deep exfoliation that smoothes away rough, dry skin and increases the cell turn over rate with clinically proven results.  

(Those with couperose or sensitive skin are NOT ideal candidates for this procedure.)

Resurfacing Peel 

($79 / 50 Mins) ($45 / 30 Mins)

​(Recommended Series of 6 for best results)
Recommended for those who need rapid exfoliation to increase cell turnover quickly to help fade scars, age spots,  and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Your Aesthetician will combine physical and chemical exfoliation to jump start your cell renewal process

Epidermal leveling / Dermaplane $99

($99 / 50 Mins) ($65 / 30 Mins)

​(Recommended Series of 6 for best results)
A great alternative to Microdermabrasion for those with sensitive or couperose skin. Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating and temporarily ridding the skin of fine, vellus hair. Your Aesthetician will utilize a surgical blade, gently stroking the dermatome, at an angle, along the outtermost layer of the skin.  

All 50 Minute Facials Include...
A double cleanse, an in-depth skin analysis, extractions, treatment chosen for your skin type, a hydrating mask, products chosen to meet your skin care needs and concerns. Along with a relaxing scalp, neck, shoulder, arm, and hand massage.

All 30 Minute Facials Include...

A cleanse, an in-depth skin analysis , treatment chosen for your skin type, products chosen to meet your skin care needs and concerns.