Flirty - $120

35 lashes per eye - 1 hour
These playful and alluring lashes will definitely get you noticed.  A perfect start for a naturally beautiful look.

Bombshell - $145

 60 lashes per eye - 1 1/4 hours
For everyday glam, these lashes are utterly lush, beautiful and sexy.

Vamp (Wild style)- $165

 85 lashes per eye - 1 1/2 hours
Exquisite and exotic glamour lashes for a foxy seductful look. Extra full and lush!

Recommended for special occasions.

Pricing varies due to amount of lashes lost in between appointments.

Per week (touch ups) -  $45  -  30 minutes
Every two weeks -  $65  -  45 minutes
Every three weeks -  $75  -  60 minutes

Touch ups AKA fills should be done within two to three weeks of each session,

this can be tailored to your natural lash growth cycle as needed. Make your fill appointments before you leave.

Flirty w/ 2 fills - $225

 A full set of our flirty lashes and two weekly touch ups included!

Bombshell w/ 2 fills - $240

 A full set of our bombshell  lashes and two weekly touch ups!

Vamp w/ 2 fills - $285

A full set of our vampy and wild lashes and two touch ups!

$35 - Approximately 30 minutes  
A gentle procedure using a specially formulated remover to safely remove each extension without damaging your natural lashes. ​

You have two options for removal :
Come in for a professional removal service. We use a special remover formulated to remove the lashes safely and easily.

Do not attempt to remove them yourself, the glue is strong and there is potential risk of damaging your natural lash.
Let them fall out by themselves, this can take up to two months.

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