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Here at Kist by Mist we help you achieve your perfect tan.  Our Certified Tanning Consultants guide you through the tanning process.  You won’t regret another spray tan after Tanning at Kist by Mist.  You will never experience an orange hue or dirty hands and feet again!  Now with the new addition of our very own Wax Parlor, Kist by Mist Tanning and Waxing is truly a one stop shop!

Ergoline is synonymous with tanning power. Innovative, efficient and powerful UV technologies ensure an especially deep tan. Facial tanning systems, with their combination of glass reflectors and filter panels, provide impressive proof of Ergoline’s UV mastery. The Ultra glass reflectors use computer-modeled geometry to provide maximum UV reflection and transmission performance. The specially coated filter panels are an exclusive feature of Ergoline facial tanning systems. These filters allow only the effective components of the UV spectrum to be reflected. Ergoline‘s internal research and development center regularly introduces cutting-edge innovations – such as Variable Power, Dynamic Power, Smart Power, Ultra Performance technology and Advanced Reflective Tanning – to improve the tanning performance and energy efficiency of our sunbeds.

We offer two different types of spray booths to fit your tanning expectations. Our 
MyMyst sprays using an airbrush motion while guiding you through the spraying process with automated voice guided instructions. Build your custom tan by from a light, medium, or dark solution and adding an enhancer for ph balancing and longevity. Also choose a scent or cosmetic bronzer for immediate results.  Please click for a DEMO.

​Our automated airbrush booth the VersaSpa System offers 3 different types of spray with 3 shades of darkness.  You can choose to tan your face or legs or choose to  experience the renowned VersaSpa Multi Session which consists of a priming prep spray, a bronzing spray and a moisturizing, anti-aging and firming spray.  Please click here for a DEMO

Infinity Sun Airbrush Tanning, Featured in Beverly Hills and on the Red Carpet, Infinity Sun Airbrush is the only airbrush machine to offer multi-treatment tan options. Whether you try the anti-aging bronzing solution by itself, or you add one of the skin treatments, Infinity Sun Airbrush will be the most luxurious feeling, longest lasting airbrush tan you've ever experienced. 

Experience the Ultimate Tanning Cocktail by first relaxing in our high intensity bed then move on to a spray tan in either of our spray booths.

NOW MOBILE! The perfect airbrush tan you can expect from "Kist by Mist" in the privacy of your own home!


Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular.Using only the best quality products; physician developed adhesive, formaldehyde free, waterproof and oil resistant. Wake up every morning feeling beautiful with product you can trust by a professional, licensed, lash artist. Because of the sensitive nature of the eyelashes and the surrounding area, it is imperative that you find a qualified professional. This is a professional that will only use professional products with the proper training to avoid any damage to your existing lashes and most importantly, to your eyes. We at Kist by Mist Tanning Salon invite you to see the real difference using a trained professional can make. Give us a call and we would love to help you get the lashes you’ve always dreamed of!

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Facial services coming soon! Check back regularly for our newest list of services!

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